Kelchner-McMichael-Baker Funeral Home, located at 119-121 E. Third Street in Berwick Pennsylvania is a business which originated in 1908. The business was started by John F. Kelchner and was originally located on West Front Street in Berwick. The current building was built by John F. Kelchner's son Willard F. Kelchner in approximately 1935 and has operated continuously as a funeral home since that time.

In the 1960's, Willard's son, John B. Kelchner, purchased the business from his father. The funeral home operated un the name "John B. Kelchner Funeral Home" for over 20 years.

In 1985, W. Bruce McMichael, Jr., who had been working under the Kelchner family for many years, purchased the business. The business operated as Kelchner-McMichael Funeral Home, Inc. until 2003

In the spring of 2002, David A. Rairigh, a fourth generation funeral director from Indian Count, Pennsylvania came to work with Mr. McMichael with the intent to purchase the business in one year. On February 28, 2003, the sale of the business was completed. The name "Kelchner-McMichael Funeral Home, Inc." was maintained until after the death of Mr. Kelchner in 2006 and until after the funeral home had celebrated it's 100th year in business under the Kelchner family name.

In October 2009, the funeral home took the name of "McMichael & Rairigh Funeral Home, Inc.".

In September 2012, the funeral home was purchased by Craig L. Baker and renamed to "Kelchner-McMichael-Baker Funeral Home". Craig is a licensed funeral director who has lived most of his life in Columbia County and currently resides with his wife Linda in North Centre Township.